Medusa Statue

Medusa Statue

This Statue will replace the original 1/10 scale statue. All customers that have ordered the old version will be able to transfer thier order to this new one. We are looking to have the Pre Orders ready to start in October 2022 and then to ship out March 2023.

Medusa Art Print

Tom Woods Medusa Art Print.

Superman INJ2

Superman 1/8 Scale Statue is the next piece in the Injustice Trinity Diorama, which goes with the Batman INJ2 statue, with Wonder Woman on the way.

Carnage Bust

This is the first in the series of our ICP Range of busts, based on the Tom Wood Artwork.

Batman Vs Croc

Batman Vs Killer Croc 1/8 Scale Diorama coming Q2 2023.