T-800 Endoskeleton Statue

Edition Size:500


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Silver Fox Collectibles is excited to announce this 1/10 Scale, Terminator Genisys statue. This 1/10 scale Endoskeleton statue is one of the most popular and most feared villain in cinematic history.
On the brink of ending the War against the Machines--more than three decades after the nuclear Armageddon in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)--John Connor sends his right-hand man, Lieutenant Kyle Reese, to 1984 Los Angeles.
Entrusted with protecting Sarah Connor, the most important woman on Earth, instead, Reese finds himself in a radically altered timeline after an unforeseen complication in 2029.
Now, Sarah has a reprogrammed T-800 Terminator by her side, planning to travel forward in time, in 2017 San Francisco, to prevent the self-aware computer network from going online.
First, humankind's arch-enemy was Skynet. This time, it is Cyberdyne's operating system, Genisys. Can we reboot the future to have one?
This T-800 Endoskeleton statue will be hand-painted to make its armor look weathered. The statue stands 22cm tall including the base.
Each Endoskeleton Statue comes packaged in a full-colour box.
This statue is made of high-quality polystone resin and each one will be hand-painted and limited to 500 pieces worldwide.


Product Includes:
1 x T-800 Endoskeleton Statue
1x laser Gun
1x Stone Base
Product Details:
License: Terminator Genisys 
Scale: 1:10 Scale Statue
Manufacturer: SFX Collectibles
Sculptor: Silver Fox Design Team
Product Size: 8.66" H (220mm) *
Product Weight: 2.0kg *
Product SKU: SFCSENDO2022

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