ICP Carnage Bust

ICP Carnage Bust

The 1st of 5 busts which will be based on the artwork of Tom Wood's ICP 'Joker Card Collection'. Each one will be an amazing piece in both scales making them a great collectibles to have.

Carnage Art Print

Carnage Tom Wood Art Print.

Carnage Bust

This is the first in the series of our ICP Range of busts, based on the Tom Wood Artwork.

Superman INJ2

Superman 1/8 Scale Statue is the next piece in the Injustice Trinity Diorama, which goes with the Batman INJ2 statue, with Wonder Woman on the way.

Medusa 1/8 Scale Statue

Medusa Statue based on the Tom Wood Artwork. First in the series collectibles based on the artists awesome work.